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24K gold face wash🌟
Natural/ Organic and cruelty free🌸A face wash that will make your skin glow bright🌟

🌟 Glowing skin
🌟 No harsh chemicals used
🌟 Organic and natural
🌟 Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E.

Directions to use: Apply on wet face, massage in circular motion for 1 minute and wash off. Use twice daily.

Ingredients: Gold extracts, vitamin E extracts, kesar extracts and Face wash base etc.

MRP: 299/-
Price : 120/-

Shipping: 80/- each on orders below weight of 1 kg

Quantity: 100ml

Caution: Store in cool and dry place. Do a patcg test before usage and if irritation occurs, discontinue usage.


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